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FIND HAIR – Linking the right hair professionals with clients

This group is a unique place where supplemental hair wearers can ask questions, discuss issues and gain helpful tips from hair replacement professionals in an unbiased, understanding and supportive setting.  The aim of this group is to, 1) provide supplemental hair wearers with accurate information regarding supplemental hair care and trouble shooting tips from seasoned …

#wigmaker #featherlitewigs #featherlitebyisadore #hairyouwear #bewhoyouwanttobe #isadorehoffman #virginhair

Who is Isadore Hoffman of FeatherLite Hair Systems and why should I care what she thinks?

Isadore Hoffman is the owner and creator of FeatherLite Hair Systems, a company specializing in the exclusive use of ultra high quality virgin Slavic hair, and undetectable hair replacement pieces for women and children with hair loss.  She is an expert wig maker who has refined and developed her product over the course of 8 …

Top 5 Tips for growing longer, stronger hair!;
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Top 5 Tips for growing longer, stronger hair!

This is definitely a question I get from almost everyone who finds out that I am in the hair replacement industry.  I have spent years researching hair loss and effective solutions that deal with the different causes of hair loss, as I suffer from hair loss my self.  Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is …

Is South American hair as good as European hair?;
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Is South American hair as good as European hair?

The second most common type of hair you will find on the market is South American hair. South American hair is can occasionally be of superb quality, but most often does not come in the spectrum of colors needed for the Caucasian client.  South American hair will sometimes be partially stripped of it’s cuticle in …